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Staying in an old hotel is like touching the history that goes back centuries, the atmosphere cannot be conveyed until you have been there, you have a chance by choosing one of the hotels from the list. Many of these hotels are located in Europe. Also check the charts of TOP 10 historic hotels in Rome.

Thus, the oldest operating hotel is located in beautiful Japan, Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan opened in 705.

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Rank Hotel Place/Country Founded
1 Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Yamanashi, Japan 705
2 Hōshi Ryokan Komatsu, Japan 718
3 Ringhotel zum Roten Bären Freiburg, Germany 1120
4 The Olde Bell Hurley, UK 1135
5 Angel & Royal Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection Grantham, UK 1203
6 Old Bell Hotel Malmesbury, UK 1120
7 Sanct Peter Cologne, Germany 1246
8 Orso Grigio San Candido, Italy 1300
9 Hotel Pilgrimhaus Soest, Germany 1304
10 Hotel Interlaken Interlaken, Switzerland 1323

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