Shopping Malls in Rome

Shopping Malls in Rome

The mall is a collection of independent retail stores, services and parking, conceived, built and maintained by a management firm as a single entity. Shopping centers may also contain cafes, restaurants, theaters, offices.

Porta di Roma is Italy's largest shopping center and one of the most modern in Europe, Located near the gates to the Eternal City, since 2007. In this rating, you can check the TOP 10 shopping malls in Rome and the number of reviews on Google Map.

Updated: 24.11.2022

Rank Name Google Map Reviews
1 Porta di Roma Via Alberto Lionello 47,607
2 Castel Romano Designer Outlet Via del Ponte di Piscina Cupa 27,586
3 ROMAEST Via Collatina 26,717
4 Valmontone Outlet Via della Pace 21,873
5 Stazione Termini Roma Via Giovanni Giolitti 13,996
6 Galleria Alberto Sordi Piazza Colonna 13,219
7 Rinascente Roma Tritone Via del Tritone 13.261
8 Cinecittà'Due Viale Palmiro Togliatti 9,698
9 La Romanina Via Enrico Ferri 9,294
10 Tor Vergata Viale Luigi Schiavonetti 8,248

➜• Rating by number of reviews on Google Map

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