The Most-Reviewed Attractions in Romee

The Most-Reviewed Attractions in Rome

Rome has a lot of attractions, I made list from the most reviewed attractions on Google Map reviews. I hope this list will help you navigate the most popular places in the ancient city. All districts has unique places, most popular are: Campo Marzio, Trevi, Monti, Pigna, Trastavere, Parione e.t.c.

Let's take a look at the TOP 10 historic hotels in Rome.

Updated: 17.01.2023

Rank Name Category Reviews
1 Trevi Fountain Historical landmark 341,859
2 Colosseum Historical landmark 327,315
3 Pantheon Manument 188,591
4 Piazza Navona Plaza 157,973
5 Vatican Museums Art Museum 139,546
6 St. Peter's Basilica Basilica 132,863
7 Roman Forum Historical Place 114,178
8 Piazza di Spagna Landmark 113,083
9 Piazza del Popolo Plaza 89,406
10 Castel Sant'Angelo Castle 71,957
11 Villa Borghese Park 69,475
12 Piazza Venezia Manument 52,814
13 Spanish Steps Manument 56,846
14 Sistine Chapel Catholic Church 56,684
15 Campo de' Fiori Manument 50,879
16 Altar of the Fatherland Landmark 49,412
17 Circus Maximus Historical Place 44,555
18 Largo di Torre Argentina Plaza 30,332
19 Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica 27,523
20 Adrian Park Garden 22,876

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